One day I noticed myself opening Github repo for my project manually using type-in at browser. It happened often, sometimes I need to check the list of issues at GitHub or review fresh PRs. And it may happens several times a day because I’m a fan of closing non required in the moment browser tabs to reduce cognitive load.

There should be a way to open it right from console opened at the directory of your project.

The goal of the article to show how create bash script that runs from the git project directory and opens browser with URL…

Disclaimer: yes, I know that this post looks outdated. It is. Just wanna keep it here for the sake of history.

A long time ago, in a galaxy that is our own, something great was born — the PHP language. At first, it was far from perfect. Straight out of the box, it was quite strange. However, since that time (June 8, 1995) its gone through a lot of changes and we’ve grown to love it! It’s a great language for creating modern, bullet-proof, secure web applications. It is an ever-evolving language and recently, it has been updated once more…

Mikhail Kuklin

Expert on support and development legacy web projects

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